Remote Communities and Island Nations

Corporations, communities, public authorities and governments around the world face persistent challenges in effectively managing the waste, especially in remote and environmentally sensitive locations.

Until recently, the only practical solution, particularly for remote communities and small island nations, has been to export waste. This has continued to give rise to a myriad of issues including local and recipient environmental impacts, quarantine and containment issues, and transport costs.

CDP Waste2Energy technology provides options that can address these issues while also reducing and sometimes, avoiding the excessive cost of importing diesel for local electricity generation.

CDP Waste2Energy technology converts organic waste to high grade diesel or electricity. Container sized plants and production volumes can be managed to meet fuel demand for vehicles and equipment, thereby reducing imported diesel quotas or, where sufficient production volumes can be maintained, eliminating the need to import diesel completely. Using ‘next step’ processes, excess diesel may be converted to electricity as an independent “off-grid” energy source.

CDP Waste2Energy solutions provide affordable and high grade diesel, unencumbered with excessive transportation costs (coupled with a ‘clean’ manufacturing process which produces high grade diesel that generates less emissions), that presents an economically viable and environmentally enhancing technology for island nations.