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UQ Collaboration

Eco Fuel Innovations, the R&D division of CDP Waste2Energy, has secured a Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Projects grant for projects with the University of Queensland (UQ). This project is led by Associate Professor Steven Pratt and Dr Bronwyn Laycock at UQ's St Lucia and Pinjarra Hills Campus.

CDP Waste2Energy is also participating in a second collaborative research agreement with UQ. Both projects involve research into diversifying feedstock applications and minimising energy consumption. The outcomes of this research enables CDP Waste2Energy to continually increase efficiencies and maximise project objectives. The research also gives support to tailored commercial project solutions, focussing on delivering the best results for all stakeholders.

These research projects form part of a broad partnership between the R&D division of CDP Waste2Energy and UQ that continues the ongoing process of identifying and dealing with multiple waste feedstocks that will benefit the environment.