Since 2014

CDP Waste2Energy has invested in research and the development of a commercialised catalytic depolymerisation process (CDP) that converts waste feedstocks to high quality diesel fuel.

CDP Waste2Energy is a waste-to-energy company using technology to revolutionise sustainable waste management and energy production.  We have developed an operating method for converting hydrocarbon-based materials into diesel fuel for transportation and electricity.

Using this transformative technology, we are focussed on achieving positive economic and environmental outcomes for government, industry and local communities through win-win solutions.

Overcoming economic and environmental concerns

CDP Waste2Energy projects deliver effective solutions for industry and government by diverting waste from landfill and converting it to high quality diesel and electricity, addressing these key matters:

  • the mounting challenges associated with sustainable and environmentally sound waste management;
  • energy security concerns; and
  • progress towards a zero emissions future.

Driven by values

At CDP Waste2Energy we believe that protection of ecological processes, natural systems and the maintenance of community and societal well-being are as equally important as economic development. We strive to make decisions that align with our core values.


We ensure that all stakeholders involved with CDP Waste2Energy benefit from our operations.

Positive environmental footprint

We make environment-focussed decisions and leave a positive footprint on the environment wherever our company is involved.

Strengthening local communities

We make a positive contribution wherever we are located, whether we are in cities or regional and remote areas.

Sustainable waste management. Can we help?