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CDP Waste2Energy was established to commercialise the Catalytic Depolymerisation Process (CDP) technology it had developed to efficiently convert a variety of feedstocks such as municipal, construction and industry waste or coal, to high quality diesel.

CDP Waste2Energy's key objectives are to:

  • Deliver effective solutions to the economic and environmental concerns of industry and government as they relate to waste management, energy security and transitioning to a zero emissions future
  • Divert waste from landfill and convert it to high quality diesel and electricity
  • Substantially increasing the commercial viability of projects for the benefit of our investors and shareholders while producing positive outcomes for communities and the environment

CDP Waste2Energy is particularly relevant for communities, public authorities, governments and energy and resources corporations that aim to achieve energy security while enhancing economic, environmental and social value.

CDP Waste2Energy specialises in project specific design to maximise efficiency and economic returns to clients. CDP Waste2Energy's commitment is to work with clients and research partners to continually improve technology, design and processes so as to deliver increasingly better economic and environmental outcomes throughout the life of the project.

CDP Waste2Energy's plant design is supported by a Process Guarantee that guarantees the production and quality levels of the diesel produced from a particular feedstock.

CDP Waste2Energy has developed and owns the patent for the innovative system it uses to convert materials containing hydrocarbons (such as waste plastics) to high quality diesel.

Our Core Values

At CDPWaste2Energy we believe that protection of ecological processes and natural systems, and the maintenance of community and societal well-being are equally as important as economic development. Our Company strives to make decisions that align with our three core values.

  1. Ensuring a Win-Win. That all stakeholders involved with CDP Waste2Energy benefit from our operations
  2. Environmental Decision-making. We leave a positive footprint on the environment wherever our company is involved
  3. Strengthening Local communities. Whether in cities or remote and regional locations we make a positive contribution wherever we are located, without prejudice and welcoming inclusiveness

FIVE project goals of CDP Waste2Energy

  1. Divert waste away from landfills and other environmentally unsustainable waste treatment processes by offering a renewable and environmentally beneficial alternative to existing conventional chemical and fossil fuel refining processes
  2. Create a valuable commodity that contributes to a circular economy through the production of a cost-effective and renewable energy source from organic and mineral-based waste
  3. Deliver economic diversification with a highly competitive advantage while creating and realising employment opportunities
  4. Leverage off innovative scientific and technological developments that convert waste and other renewable biomass feedstocks (including such things as aggressive and invasive plant species), into renewable synthetic diesel
  5. Partner with government, private, and community based organisations to deliver solutions that not only make commercial sense but benefit the urban, rural and regional communities within which CDP Waste2Energy operates