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    Imagine if there was a
    landfill alternative that
    converted waste to high quality
    diesel and electricity
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    …when economic and
    environmental priorities intersect
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    Solutions for the economic and
    environmental concerns of corporations,
    communities and governments
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    Cleaner more affordable diesel
    that provides better performance
    fuels for vehicles, machinery
    and equipment

At CDP Waste2Energy we are committed to helping our clients to strengthen their energy security while generating economic, environmental and social value.

Our technology and services address two key concerns facing corporations, communities, governments and public authorities around the world: rapidly overflowing landfills and the high cost of energy.

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Waste material streams destined for landfill are diverted to CDP Waste2Energy facilities that generate environmentally safe and economically rational renewable fuel and electricity.

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About Us
CDP Waste2Energy was established to develop CDP technology so that it would efficiently convert a variety of feedstocks to high quality diesel.

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Our CDP process (patent pending) uses a purpose designed plant, catalysts and feedstock preparation in order to facilitate continuous and high volume diesel production.

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We lead and collaborate on a large number of research projects, most recently with University of Queensland, having successfully secured a significant Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Project grant from the Australian Government.

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